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Our Goals

In order to assure that its operations support the schools in providing all students with a high quality education, the Board of Education hereby establishes as its goals:

1. to work closely with the community to ensure that Board actions and performance reflect the concerns and aspirations of the community;

2. to identify the educational needs and aspirations of the community, and to transform such needs and aspirations into policies aimed at stimulating the students and the learning process;

3. to provide leadership in order that the goals and objectives of the school system, as set forth by the Board, can be effectively carried out;

4. to employ a Superintendent capable of ensuring that the district maintains a position as an outstanding school system and that school personnel carry out the policies of the Board with energy and dedication;

5. to formulate Board policies which best serve the education interests of students and provide the Superintendent with sufficient and adequate guidelines for implementation;

6. to develop and provide data useful to the planning, evaluation, organization and execution of Board management functions;

7. to perform all Board functions and operations in conformity with state, federal and local laws, rules, and regulations; and

8. to evaluate the Board's performance in relation to these goals, and to establish and clarify policies based upon the results of such evaluation.