Sixth Grade

Welcome to our Sixth Grade Homepage

This is a very important year in your child's life for many reasons. Together as a team, we can make this a very positive and constructive year. With all the pressures of tests and assignments they will be asked to complete this year, we encourage your help and guidance at home.

Academics have always been the number one most important aspect in your child's life, and it is our goal to continue preparing your child for their future. Soon, you will be finding yourself thinking about what college your child will be attending. It is our intention to prepare your child for the skills necessary to attain those goals. The academics your child will be asked to perform will be the ones in route to the next level of Junior High and beyond.

If you haven't experienced it already, you are about to enter into the era of the pre-teen and teenage stage. Between the ages of 11 and 12, our children go through the stage of inner uncertainty. As they begin their profound and formidable transformation to adulthood, the mind of a sixth grader is growing and evolving to embrace broader subjects and thinking is less tied to concrete reality, becoming more flexible and open to abstract ideas.

As sixth grade teachers, we are here to help make this transition to adulthood a positive one! We hold close to our hearts their humor and fresh enthusiasm for life while fostering their individual needs. We understand the pressures of the outside world and how it affects them, yet we try to nurture and guide them to become young gentlemen and ladies. With the "team" approach, we are confident that your child will leave our great school ready for Westhampton.


Mrs. Koltzan

Mr. Purkis

Mrs. Alessi