Third Grade

Wonderful Ways To Love A Child

Listen from your heart
Speak kindly
Ask their Opinions
Learn from them
Say Yes as often as possible
Lighten up
Say No when necessary
Honor their woes
Share your dreams
Honor their differences
Call them love names
Write them love letters
Build lots of blanket forts
Stop Yelling
Read books aloud
Give your presence
Delight in Silliness
Enjoy Dinner together

Protect all our children
Let Them help
Generate family festivals
Create a circle of quiet
Build family friendly neighborhoods
Go barefoot
Play Hooky together
Laugh, dance and sing together
Believe in possibilities
Celebrate mistakes
Remember they have not been on the earth very long
Answer their questions
Let them cry
Don’t hide your tears
Let go when it’s time
Let them come back


Mrs. Caliendo

Mrs. Squires

Ms. Luckingham

Ms. Russo