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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.
-S. Gudder


The Math Department provides supplemental support to students in grades 1-6.  This support can happen through push-in, small group or individual session, based on students’ needs.



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The goal of the FASTT Math program is to help students develop fluency with basic math facts.  Fluently, here, means answering the facts correctly and fast, automatically and with understanding.  FASTT Math helps to identify and remediate those students who lack a conceptual foundation of the operations and math fact quantities.  Educators and cognitive scientists agree that the ability to recall basic math facts fluently is necessary for students to attain higher-order math skills.  Through an adaptive program of systematic instruction and practice, FASTT Math helps students to abandon the use of inefficient and time-consuming strategies for determining the answers to basic facts, such as finger counting, and helps them develop the capacity to retrieve the basic facts from memory quickly and effortlessly.


Fraction Nation

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“Mastery of rational numbers-the ability to understand and compute with fractions and decimals-is more important than ever for success in school, work and life."

“Fluency with fractions is one of three critical foundations for algebra success”-National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008.

The Fraction Nation student program delivers targeted instruction and step-by-step guided practice in fractions and decimals.  The software divides instruction into 64 lessons grouped into nine topic areas, with each lesson focusing on one key concept or skill.  Lessons are presented in a 3-step sequence-Learn, Practice and perform-where students receive instruction and guided practice, then demonstrate what they have learned.  The program requires students to complete each topic area before moving on to the next, and it is adaptive to student performance.  Students who demonstrate excellent performance may accelerate through the program.  For others, the software will provide appropriate remediation through additional targeted practice problems and scaffolded instructional feedback.  Each individual student progresses at his or her own pace to ensure mastery.


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