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 Smart Exchange (45,213 activities) You may search for lessons or narrow results to certain types of lessons.***
Smart Notebook Software (Version 11) 

The Tequipment Educator Resource Center--Tequipment is the largest Smartboard vendor in the nation. You can access great information and lessons on their website. There are blogs and everything else that you would expec tto find in a community for Smart educators.

Smart Notebook 11 Users Guide
Smart You Tube Channel--Many YouTube videosabout the Smartboard
Smart Facebook Page
Smart Exchange Discussion Forums*** Smart Number Cruncher Download (Must be connected to a Smartboard)
Longwood SMARTBoard Lessons
Lesson Activity Toolkit Examples Smart Speller Download (Must be connected to a Smartboard)
The Lesson Activity Toolkit (What is the toolkit?)
*** The 3 stars indicate that you will need to complete a short registration to be able to access the information. It is well worth the efort as there is so much excellent content available.

Click on any of the Links below to see a Smartboard Guide on that topic:

Quick Reference

  1. The Basics
  2. Notebook Software Version 10 Toolbars
  3. Lesson Activity Toolkit (Interactive Activities)
  4. Working with Notebook 10 Software Gallery Collections
  5. Collecting and Sharing Content with Notebook Software
  6. Smartboard Welcome Center
  7. The Floating Tools Toolbar
  8. SMARTBoard Tools
  9. Getting Started with SENTEO

Hands on Practice

  1. Basic Functionality
  2. Lesson Planning and Delivery with Notebook 10 Software
  3. Using Notebook Software in the Office
  4. Using Microsoft Office Applications with Smart Notebook 10 Software
  5. Ink Aware and Microsoft Word in the Classroom
  6. Ink Aware and Microsoft Excel in the Office
  7. Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software on a SMARTBoard Interactive Whiteboard
  8. Designing an Assessment Using the Senteo Interactive Response System and Notebook Software

Educational Software Coordinated witht he SMARTBoard

  1. Using the Senteo Manager and Setting Up a Class List
  2. Number Cruncher Software
  3. Speller Software