ipadsiPad Apps at East Quogue

The East Quogue Elementary School has a class set of iPads that is available to our classes. We have added many educational apps that are being used by our students. The enthusiasm for the iPads is quite amazing and the apps that we are using have come from teacher suggestion as well as iPad conferences that have been attended by some of our staff members. Some of the advantages of the iPads in education are as follows:

  1. They are lightweight
  2. They are easy to use
  3. They have touch screens
  4. They hold the charge for an entire day
  5. Great educational apps have been created for the iPads
  6. New Educational apps are being created each day
  7. They go on instantly instead of requiring a boot up
  8. They turn off instantly

Some of our classes are even writing books that will fill up the iPad bookshelf. This is our most exciting iPad project. We are even designing book covers for our books and including pictures and even video embedded right in the book. Mrs. Bellucci's class was the first to write a book entitled, "Class Stories." Several other books are in the process of being created by other classes. It is our hope to make these stories available to the public to download in the near future so that we can line your iBook shelf with some East Quogue stories.

Below is a list of free apps that we have on our class set of iPads. We intend to add to this list in the future. If you have an iPad and would like to download these apps, follow these instructions:books

  1. Go to iTunes store on your computer (Windows or Mac)
  2. Click on the App Store link
  3. Type in the name of any app listed below in the search box (ex. Math Drills Lite)
  4. Click on the icon that comes up
  5. Optional-Check out the description
  6. Click on the download button to download the app to iTunes on your computer
  7. Sync your computer and iPad and the app will be added to your iPad ready for you to use

Here is a list of the apps currently installed on our iPads at School:

24/7 Tutor Spanish Lite Number Math Free
Addition Coach Old MacDonald
Adobe Reader Paint Sparkles
Alphabet Tracing Phone4Kids
Amazing Coin Photo Touch Tell Time
Bluster Planets
Brain Toot 2 Lite Pocket Phonics ABC Lite
Brain Tuner Lite Puppet Pals HD
Brainpop Quordy (costs $2.99)
Chess Free Rocket Math Free
Clean Up Rocket Science 101
Counting Money Rover
Cross Fingers Free SimpleMinds (Mind Mapping)
Dictionary.com Scholastic Classroom Magazines
Doodle Buddy SKYPE
Dragon Dictation Sound Sorting Beginning Sounds
Endless ABC Spelling Bug
Google Earth Spelling Free
Grammar Jammers Primary Spacecraft 3D
Hangman Free Splash Math First Grade Math
iBooks Splash Math Second Grade Math
Interactive Telling Time Lite Splash Math Third Grade Math
Idiom in Use Stack the States Lite
iElements (Periodic Table) Storia
Jirbo Match Story Buddy Lite
Kids Maps Storykit
Khan Academy Sushi-Math (FasttMath for iPad)
Letter of the Day Stats of the Union
Little Matchups Tell time Telling time
Match Animals Timbukto
Math Drills Lite Translate
Math Edge HD Lite (Multiply) The Presidency
Math Edge HD Lite (Divide) Toy Story
Math Pentagon (ComprehensiveMath Review) Unblock Me
Math Puppy Verbally
Mathboard Addition Weather Channel
Motion Math Zoom Virtual Manipulatives
Multiplication Genius x 19 Free Whiteboard
My Day Tell the Time Wixie
My Math App (Flashcards) Wundermap