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Requirements for Administration of Medication in School

The following is quoted from a directive from the New York State Education Department:

When it is necessary for a child to take medications during school hours, the nurse may cooperate with the family physician and the parents. To do this, the parent must submit a written request to the school authorities accompanied by a written request from the family physician in which he indicates the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication. Then the school nurse may administer this medication during the school hours.

The original prescribition bottle which also indicates the doctor's name and the frequency and dosage of the medication cannot be used instead of the doctor's orders.

All medication is to be kept in the Health Office during school hours. Students should not be allowed to take any medication if the above procedure has not been followed.

Medication must be brought to the Nurse's Office in the prescription bottle by the parent or guardian.

Medication prescribed three times daily can usually be given before school, after school and in the evening.


Health Requirements For Entry Into School

The following are required by law for entry into school.
  • A physical prior to entering Kindergarten, and in 1st and 3rd grade
  • A physical for new entrants into any grade
  • The following immunizations:
    Immunization Dosage
    DPT 4 doses
    Polio 3 doses
    Measles 2 doses
    Mumps 1 dose
    Rubella 1 dose
    Hepatitis B 3 doses
    Varicella Zoster (Chicken Pox) 1 dose