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Date Added: 6/27/2022

Third Graders Release Butterflies

Third grader holding a butterfly while outside thumbnail222820
Third grader holding a butterfly while outside thumbnail222821
Third grader holding a butterfly while outside thumbnail222822
Third graders holding up a butterfly box while outside thumbnail222823
Third grader holding butterflies while in a classroom thumbnail222824
Third graders had a firsthand experience learning about and caring for butterflies. During their studies, they raised their own caterpillars and observed them daily while learning about the different stages they go through. Once the caterpillars formed their chrysalis, they were transferred to a larger box while the students eagerly waited for them to go through their metamorphosis.

In addition, the students learned about pollination and how butterflies use their proboscis to drink nectar and transfer pollen from one flower to another. As a culmination to their studies, the students released the butterflies, which was a special and memorable day for all.

Date Added: 6/22/2022

Students Engage in Physical Activities

Students With Hula Hoops in the Gym thumbnail217392
Students Outside Playing Lacrosse thumbnail217393
Student Playing Baseball in Gym thumbnail217394

Students have been participating in a variety of physical activities. Throughout the month, they’ve been playing baseball and softball while working on their throwing, catching and hitting techniques. They’ve also been playing lacrosse, focusing on cradling, passing, catching and shooting with their sticks. In addition, the students recently played Capture the Flag and engaged in physical activities at the fit pit. They’re also preparing for their Field Days on June 7-9.

Date Added: 5/18/2022

Students Learn To Use Their Inquisitive Skills During Science Experiments

Two students doing an experiment at their desks thumbnail217003

Reading Together Is A Great Way To Broaden Learning

Two students sitting on the floor and reading a book thumbnail217002