Second Grader Completes Work of Art

Second grader Brendan Wright Painting thumbnail208033
Second grader Brendan Wright demonstrated his creativity when completing an architectural design of a castle in Mrs. Palumbo’s class. He used tempera paint to add color to his painting.

Kindergartner Cuts and Glues Shapes

Kindergartner Eliza Strong Holding Artwork thumbnail208032
Kindergartner Eliza Strong learned to cut and glue shapes as part of a hands-on art lesson in Mrs. King’s class.

Students Glaze Clay Designs

Students JoJo Derby and Katelyn Salerno thumbnail208031
Students JoJo Derby and Katelyn Salerno glazed clay sarcophaguses that they created as part of their Ancient Egyptian studies in Mrs. Alessi’s class.

Fourth Graders Construct Tiny Home

students building tiny homes in class thumbnail207909
Fourth graders Josh Jara and Noelle Lynch used cardboard and Popsicle sticks to construct a scale model of a tiny home. As part of the hands-on experience, the students were challenged to build a structure that would include basic needs and withstand severe weather.

Students Program Robots

 Alexa Ortiz and Jean Quesada doing exercise with cups on the floor thumbnail207908
Second graders Alexa Ortiz and Jean Quesada practiced programming each other’s robots in an offline coding lesson.