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Artist of the Month

Picture of Shepard D’Agata and his artwork thumbnail254666
The district congratulates kindergarten student Shepard D’Agata, who was named Artist of the Month. He is pictured with his parents and art teacher Mrs. Rosenberg.

Date Added: 2/3/2024

VIP Week

Staff holding up a plastic skeleton arm and student holding up a teddy bear smiling at the camera thumbnail254489
teacher talking to students with a plastic skeleton arm in her hand thumbnail254490
teacher talking to a group of students sitting on the carpet in their classroom thumbnail254491
Mrs. Culhane’s class participated in VIP Week where kindergarten students had the opportunity to introduce important individuals to classmates. Kindergartener Luna Sochol introduced her mother, a doctor, to the class. Dr. Sochol taught the students how to make a cast for a bunny.

Date Added: 1/26/2024

Kindergarten Celebrates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

student artwork thumbnail254073
student artwork thumbnail254074
student artwork thumbnail254075

Kindergarten students studied Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in preparation for the national remembrance of this American hero’s legacy on Jan. 15. On the hallways outside their classrooms, the students and their teachers created memorials signifying his message of peace and love with peace signs and portraits of the civil rights leader. They also included statements of Dr. King’s accomplishments for the entire student body to see.

Date Added: 1/17/2024