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First-Grade News: April 2024

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In writing workshop, the first grader authors are busy writing nonfiction All About Books. The children are writing books to teach others about topics that they are experts in. The talented writers are including diagrams, glossaries and a question and answer section in their books.

In math, the students have started a new math unit. The children will be adding two- digit numbers and learning different strategies to help them add two-digit numbers, such as drawing a picture and making a ten.

In science/social studies, students were very excited for their in-house field trip, StarLab. The portable planetarium allowed students to experience the night sky indoors and tour the stars and constellations they have been learning about in the classroom. The first grade astronomers are continuing their unit on the solar system by exploring the planets.

The students will also be celebrating Earth Day. They are learning about the importance of protecting our planet and will participate in various activities around the day.

Date Added: 4/10/2024